WPT Global complies with the Money Laundering Prevention Act and related regulations. The company monitors all transactions to prevent money laundering. The Company reports all suspicious transactions to the appropriate authorities. If you become aware of any suspicious activity related to any of the games on the website, you must report it immediately to the Company. The Company may suspend, block or terminate your membership account and withhold funds if requested to do so under anti-money laundering legislation.

WPT Global will require all customers to create a full profile at point of registration.

Mandatory information required at registration stage includes:

  1. true name and surname;
  2. email address;
  3. phone number;
  4. date of birth;
  5. country, and
  6. password.

The registration must be complete before the customer can access the online games.

Only one account per customer is permitted.

In addition to completing the registration form, the company will perform other verification procedures (e.g., ID or driver's license) with each payment.

Verification of suspicious deposits, transactions or accounts will include, but not be limited to, the following

  1. Call the player to verify the phone number and record his/her response/calling style in the call. This call will be made by support staff in the same language as the player's account.
  2. Check whether the player is listed in the country's telephone directory, tax lists, electoral rolls and other public databases containing the same information.
  3. Request ID, Proof of Address, copies and statements of credit cards.

The company will conduct PEP and sanctions screening for each player.

It is strictly a Company policy not to

  1. affect a payout to a player in a name other than in the name of the registered player.
  2. accept cash as means of payment.