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Hole Card Betting

Do you tend to get the big hands, pairs and aces you like to play? Or do you have the feeling that every hand sucks and goes straight into the trash? With an Open Card Bet, you can now bet on what you'll be dealt on the next hand.

  1. AA (200/1) - Sometimes you feel them coming, the rockets, American Airlines, Boots, Nizzles or as WPT legend Vince van Petten would say, "weapons of mass destruction". Bet on the Aces in the next hand and win 200x your bet. You win even if the Aces don't fall!
  2. Any pair (16/1) - You'd rather have AA, but any pair is usually playable in a cash game. Bet on any pair in the next hand - whether you get AA, 22 or a pair in between - and win 16x your bet;
  3. Ace (6.5/1) - A high-value Ace is an important hand for many gamblers. Whether you receive an A2 offsuit Ace or a nice pair of Aces, an Ace alone pays 6.5 times your bet. You're still a winner even if you have a rag hand and decide to fold before the flop!
  4. Ace or King (3.3/1) - Will you receive a half hand? If so, you can bet that you'll receive an Ace or King and receive 3.3 times your bet. You may decide that your hand is still not playable, but the bet still pays off!
  5. No Ace/King/Pair (1,4/1) - Are you getting wasted on every hand? Think you're just playing because you haven't played in a while? Stay disciplined and trash your cards, but at the same time win money by betting that you won't receive an Ace, King or Pair. If you succeed, you'll receive 1.4 times your stake.

How to use Hole Card Betting:

After each deal, you can guess your next cards and win a BIG prize. Here's your chance to win 200x your bet if you get an Ace on the next hand.


Your bet is locked in, now let's see what your next cards are.


 You did it, you just turned 20 in to 4,000 by correctly guessing Aces.